“Sharing the great state of Tennessee with the world!

Jill & Dane, Co-founders
Nashville Entertainment Group

The Idea


The Nashville Entertainment Group. Our story is simple. Our mission is not. We have many years of experience in the music business and united because of our love and passion for music and the people who create it.

Jill Block, a songwriter, artist and promoter, and Dane Gorman, a music producer and music supervisor for film and television, are the Nashville Entertainment Group.

As enterprising women, we formed a team and began reaching out to our friends in the industry. It became clear that we shared the same mission: to bring songwriters center stage and raise awareness of their importance in the success of famous music stars. In Nashville, the songwriters are the backbone of the music industry and the stars of Music Row. We want to share their talent with the world.

As fate would have it, the new Department of Justice (DOJ) resolution was announced in 2016 making it harder for songwriters to earn income. We knew an idea that was born out of passion was now a necessity! We wanted to help our many Grammy Award winning and hit songwriter friends. Backstage Nashville was born. Now the world can hear the original voices and stories behind the songs that have made others famous.

We didn’t stop there. Many world-class musicians and singers in Nashville can be found playing in cover bands, tribute bands and party bands. Their rosters read as a "who’s who" in the music industry. The level of talent is deep. Our mission at the Nashville Entertainment Group is to provide opportunities for tourists, convention goers, corporate America and music fans around the world to know who they are and experience their music. Music City Live was born. 

Successful musicians, songwriters and artists must not only be talented, but tenacious. To tell their stories, The Nashville Film Group was born. It’s not just a song, an artist, a musician, a band, a bus ride, a road gig or a recording session. It’s people with inspirational lives to share. Our first documentary is in production and slated for release in 2018.

Let’s tell stories in songs, through music and on film. Let’s give access to the stories through songwriters, documentaries, and the best bands in the world. The Nashville Entertainment Group brings real live music to the world!