The H[er]story


Jill Block

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As a partner in the Billy Block Corporation, Jill spent 25 years alongside her husband, legendary entertainment icon, Billy Block as they built a community of songwriters, musicians, and fans from Los Angeles to Nashville.  From live shows, radio, television, and a monthly magazine, the Block’s vigorous support of talent spurred the growth of the Americana and roots music genre.

Block co-created and co-produced live shows at the Ryman, the Exit/In, and virtually every club in Nashville over an 18 year period of weekly Billy Block Shows. She is the creator of the Nashville Spirit Awards, which she launched to honor her husband after his death in 2015.  Block co-directed and co-produced the first National Americana TV Show, Billy Block’s Western Beat that aired on CMT in 1999 live from the Exit/In. She has been an on camera and on air host of radio and TV throughout her career.  Producing special events, marketing, promotion, and finding great talent are her specialties.

As a songwriter and recording artist herself, Block has a deep love and appreciation for songs, musicians and fans. Jill began developing friendships with Jeffrey Steele, Jim Lauderdale and other hit songwriters when the Billy Block Western Beat Songwriter’s showcase was launched in 1991 in Los Angeles. Her relationships continued to flourish when she relocated to Nashville in 1995. “I am a fan of hit songwriters. Many are incredibly talented musicians and artists and I have loved having a front row seat to their success,” says Block. “ I am honored to call them friends.”

Jill was hailed as one of the first “Rock and Roll” moms, having given birth to two boys, Rocky and Grady nearly on stage. She continued her music career forming a band with her husband and children, who are talented musicians, singers and songwriters.  “I work really hard NOT to be compared to Kris Kardashian,” laughs Jill. “ I try to steer my kids in the right direction and give them some advice. Music is a tough career choice and they are navigating the waters quite well.”  Jill is also mom to Tennessee State University (TSU) Quarterback, Micheal Hughes, who the Blocks adopted in 8th grade, and Shandon Mayes who lived with the Block family in high school. “I am by far most proud of being a mom to my boys. I love my family and work hard to be a great provider spiritually and financially.”

Block loves the entertainment industry and is a natural to lead the Nashville Entertainment Group, along with CCO Dane Gorman, into the number one position of providing first class entertainment in Nashville and around the world.


Dane Gorman

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Dane Gorman or Miss Dane is a southern girl who made her way to NYC managing a band from Ohio. After working her way from management to publishing with a division of Chappel Music, she spent hours listening to the catalogue and getting music placed into many feature films, TV shows and commercials.

On a stormy night in New York she shared a cab with a NYC music producer who offered her a job right on the spot! This was the beginning of a journey that solidified her passion for music, the recording process and her love for being in the studio. Her music production experience started in the dance music world...believe me she loves to dance! Not only did she assistant produce but she worked in artist development. She did everything from book gigs for her clients, shop their demo tapes and teach them how to dance!

The long nights and raising her kids led her to move over into advertising as an in house music producer at Young and Rubicam. She had many amazing opportunities there but one of the highlights of her career was working with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ruth Brown. She was responsible for doing music for Molson Ice, General Foods International Coffee, Sears, Jello, Fisher Price, ATT and many more. She has also negotiated celebrity talent, cast voices and singers for Nike, Xbox, ESPN, The Discovery Channel, Ted TV, Verizon, Comcast, Reebok, Under Armour, The NFL, Pandora, Yahoo, House of Cards, Spotify, Nintendo and many more.

Dane lives in east Nashville and she is really passionate about her kids Cali and Shane, her dog Rowdy and Bourbon!